What Can Sound Frequencies Do for You?

Sound Frequencies Can Improve Your Health

There are a number of ways that sound frequencies can help improve your health. Probably the most obvious are the relaxation and stress relief frequencies. Although it is a cliche that our lives tend to be quite stressful, that stress can have negative effects on body, mind, and behavior. Meditation has been proven to help alleviate stress and sound frequencies can put one into the same brainwave patterns as meditation.

Sleep is one casualty of stress and our busy lives. Sound frequencies can help the listener achieve the deep, refreshing level of sleep where our biochemistry replenishes and renews our bodies. It is at this deepest level of sleep where anti-aging hormones are released.

There are many sound frequencies that can replace drugstore remedies for minor ailments and even, according to one manufacturer, replace your daily multivitamin. The beauty of these sound remedies is that foreign chemicals are not introduced into your body. Rather, your body’s own healing ability is stimulated. And, of course, you don’t run out of a sound frequency and have to run to the store for a refill. You purchase it once and then use it as needed.

At one time I used to regularly purchase antihistamines for allergy symptoms. I found a homeopathic remedy that cleared those symptoms, then I found the sound frequency of that same remedy. I haven’t had to purchase over the counter antihistamines for years now.

Sound Frequencies Can Give You  New Directions for Growth & Development

Personal development means different things to different people. For some people it is about developing a cognitive skill such as speed reading or improving your memory and concentration. Personal development can also include exploring different levels of consciousness, psychic experiences, or even lucid dreaming. Although weight loss and smoking cessation could be considered health issues, they can also be considered self-improvement. There are sound frequencies to assist with with all of these.

Mood enhancement is another area of personal development. Sound frequencies can assist with keeping a positive outlook, feeling confidence and self-esteem or simply feeling more energy. There are even sound frequency recordings designed to improve your finances by adjusting your brainwave patterns to emulate those of financially successful people.


Sound Frequencies Can Help with Pets and Rescue Animals

When one of my feral (wild) cats developed cancer, I found a pain relief sound frequency that helped him dramatically. That was the beginning of my exploration of sound frequencies both for my rescue cats and for myself. Eventually I put all that I had learned into an eBook. More about Pops and the eBook here.


Since a number of my rescue cats are feral and therefore mostly untouchable, sound frequencies are an ideal solution in two instances. First, when dealing with newly-trapped, panicked animals, there are sound frequencies that will calm and relax them by changing their brainwave state. They can’t fight against that. And when they feel good they will eat as well, so their health is maintained.

Secondly, there are times when the cats are passing a cold back and forth. By playing the appropriate sound frequency where they all hear it, I am treating them all at the same time. I find this more effective than individual oral treatments that many of them will resist.

I have spoken with a veterinarian about cat brainwave states versus human brainwave states to see if there was research regarding their similarities. He said “we assume they are the same”.

I personally believe frequencies have a place in healing and should be better known. The engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla, is quoted as saying: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 


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  1. I never knew anything about sound frequencies. I love it! The videos you posted are so calming, I can see why a pet would benefit from it. You have inspired me to want to learn more

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