Want to Lose Weight? Do You Know about Serotonin?

So you want to lose weight. Do you know about serotonin and how it influences your well being and your weight? Serotonin is produced in your gut but is one of a class of body-produced chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These chemicals relay information between nerve cells all through your body.

Some people, like Dr Natasha Turner, believe low serotonin levels are at an epidemic level, mainly due to diet and digestive issues and high stress. It has also been noted that people abused in childhood tend to have low serotonin levels. Low serotonin can cause food cravings, especially for carbohydrates and sweets, depression and low self-esteem, insomnia, anger and irritability, anxiety and bingeing and chronic pain. And all of that can affect your weight. So it makes sense, for your general well-being as well as for weight loss, to adjust your serotonin level if necessary.

The next question is how to adjust your serotonin level.  Dr Turner’s article suggests specific vitamins, diet and exercise. Beverly Meyer, a nutritionist suggests sleep, fats and protein. Helen Sanders at Health Ambition describes foods which boost serotonin as well as foods which deplete it.  Dr G Kohls suggests ingesting the serotonin precursors, amino acids tryptophan and 5HTP. He goes on to explain the mechanisms and dangers of antidepressants such as Prozac, classed as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s). There is also the Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program which incorporates serotonin supplements as part of its protocol.


Now this is a website about healing sound frequencies so you may expect me to tell you that frequencies can balance serotonin. And, you are right! There are frequencies for that purpose as well as weight loss frequencies that include serotonin balancing.

Some time ago I began experimenting with a serotonin stimulating sound frequency from the Brainwave Entrainment Store for sleep and pain issues. My research revealed that there is such a thing as Serotonin Syndrome which is caused by too much serotonin. Symptoms can include shivering, confusion, diarrhea, fast heartbeat and more. Untreated, it can be fatal. But like the other body chemicals stimulated by sound frequencies, this process is self regulating. As the Brainwave Entrainment Store says: “All we do with the frequencies is try to set the endocrine system back to its optimum performance levels…External dosing can, in some cases, cause the endocrine system to reduce function even further”.

My other concern with the serotonin frequency was the possible effect it might have on my cats. I played the frequency while I slept and the cats have the run of the house so theoretically the frequency could affect them too. My research surprised me with the information that cats are sometimes dosed with human antidepressants and serotonin syndrome can result. I spoke to my vet about my concern and he performed a literature search on feline serotonin syndrome. He told me that he found no instances of it being linked to sound frequencies.

The general serotonin stimulating frequency I’ve used  can help with weight loss as well as other issues around serotonin deficiency such as my pain and sleep issues. However, some developers such as Niraj Naik of Trypnaural Meditation include additional neurotransmitters such as the tryptamines.

Waveridermp3.com has developed a brainwave entrainment mp3 that stimulates serotonin along with the other neurotransmitters GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid — for losing weight)   and HGH (Human Growth Hormone — for building muscle) while lowering anxiety and stress hormones. It is available in Isochronic tones as well as binaural beats.

Waveridermp3 is a family business located in Alberta, Canada. The mp3’s are developed by Wanina Petlock who began working with brainwave entrainment over twenty years ago. She has worked in the medical field for some time and currently specializes in end of life care. Her description of her weight loss mp3 is here.

To sum up, your serotonin level affects appetite, mood, and sleep as well as other functions. And all of those affect weight loss as well as general well being. You can balance your serotonin level naturally and safely with audio frequencies specifically calibrated for that purpose.

If you would like to stimulate your own serotonin production with frequencies, click here. Serotonin is also included in the  Neuro-Energetics energy apps which stimulate release of several focus-enhancing, mood-lifting brain neurotransmitters.

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Working with one of my feral (wild = untouchable) cat rescues with jaw cancer in 2009, I discovered audio frequencies which tremendously eased his pain. That set me on a journey to discover how to use frequencies -- and now subtle energies -- for untouchable animals, pets and myself. Trying out many different remedies for many different disorders, I now have and use a huge collection of them. I believe that these will be the future of medicine. "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -- Nikola Tesla

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