Targeting the Tryptamines with Trypnaural Meditation

There are various producers of brainwave entrainment recordings who present their work primarily as music. They may say that their compositions will generally help you relax and sleep better, experience less stress and provide other benefits. It would seem from their descriptions that they aim to induce a general state of well being, perhaps a brainwave state, rather than targeting any particular problem or imbalance.

Trypnaural Meditation appears to be doing this until you learn that it was designed to stimulate the body’s natural production of the chemical compounds called tryptamines. Melatonin is one of these chemicals. It is produced by the pineal gland, helps you sleep and is anti-inflammatory. Serotonin is another one. It helps with sleep too, but also with stress and pain. Another chemical in this class is psychoactive DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This is an hallucinogen found in most organisms and has been dubbed the “spirit molecule” by a psychiatrist researching it.

Just looking at those three tryptamines, one gets an idea of the benefits of Trypnaural Meditation, working with sleep, pain, stress and spirit. Trypnaural Meditation was developed by Niraj Naik, a UK pharmacist who healed himself of ulcerative colitis, considered an autoimmune disorder. For him stress and depression were the precursors of this disease, brought on apparently by his moving away from his music to pursue his pharmacy career. Returning to his music he now collaborates with Dr Mrigank Mishra in the band they call amAya. And integrating the music with his health knowledge (including Ayurveda, a natural healing system from India) Naik now produces Trypnaural Meditation.

You can partake of Trypnaural Meditation in three different ways. The simplest way is to purchase and download meditations from the online store. Or you can purchase a standard membership giving you access to a library of Trypnaural meditation. With the third option, you also have access to raw sound tracks to create your own custom meditation. A license for selling your custom meditations is included.

But Niraj Naik doesn’t stop there. He includes a guide to meditation methods and to self-programming methods as well as hypno-fractal meditation videos in mp4 format, some of which include affirmations. Here is a taste of Trypnaural Meditation:


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