Streaming Remedies for You & Your Animals: A Review

Back in 2009 I was searching the internet for something to help my feral cat who had jaw cancer. I found a site called Digital Sound Remedies which supplied me with an audio frequency that dramatically helped my cat’s pain.

I went on to explore sound frequency remedies further and discovered that there are many different types of frequencies that work differently. After I sorted it out for myself, I wrote an ebook guide for other frequency explorers.

A few years later, the authors of Digital Sound Remedies shut the site down. But one of their associates, Sandra Hickman, was licensed to continue using the remedies. You can now stream some of these remedies through your computer, phone or other device from her subscription website. This is much handier than having to go out to the store to buy a specific remedy.  I have been subscribed for several months now and have used some of the homeopathic and flower remedies. Sandra has programmed them with nature sounds and music to cover the frequencies.

Sandra calls the homeopathic remedies “homeosounds” and describes them as “lo-potency”. Each homeosound has a description of the conditions it can ease. Because I have several feral cats that can’t be easily handled, I find the sound frequencies to be helpful for them. Specifically, gelsemium for colds/flu, nux vomica for tummy upset and belladonna for my senior matriarch who had a couple seizures. (I haven’t seen her have a seizure since she had a couple doses)

Many people are unfamiliar with homeopathy. It is a complex practice and quite different from allopathic medicine. Amazon has a number of books on the subject  — some for animals too — and some come with kits. Veterinary homeopathy is also explained and simplified at

More familiar to many people are the Bach flower remedies. Sandra’s site also has some of the additional FES flower remedies. These two linked sites are more helpful than Sandra’s site for choosing a remedy for your condition. I personally found the olive flower remedy dramatically helpful when I was completely exhausted.

Sandra’s site has a “pet friendly” flower remedy section for animals although I was using the general flower remedies. There is a very helpful book a friend gave me, Bach Flower Remedies for Animals that gives more animal relevant details than the descriptions for human use.  Recently my cat Parker started tipping over after moving quickly. The vet checked him over and ruled out an inner ear infection. He also prescribed prednisolone as an anti-inflammatory which helped only slightly. But the animal remedy book pinpointed Scleranthus flower remedy as a remedy for balance on all levels including the physical level. I streamed that remedy from Sandra’s site twice for Parker and I haven’t seen him tip over since then.

Hopefully, Sandra’s site is a work in progress. I didn’t see anything close to the 400 remedies she claimed would be there. There is a heading for gem remedies under “Elixir Sounds”, but no remedies listed. Her book does not appear to be available yet and there are spots on the site apparently missing links to further information. I was unable to find some common homeopathic remedies and for one that I did find, the audio player did not work.

Nevertheless, being able to stream these remedies at a moment’s notice is quite handy. The subscription price is $9 US per month and the first 9 days are a free trial period. So look up the remedies helpful for you and your pets and give it a try!


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Working with one of my feral (wild = untouchable) cat rescues with jaw cancer in 2009, I discovered audio frequencies which tremendously eased his pain. That set me on a journey to discover how to use frequencies -- and now subtle energies -- for untouchable animals, pets and myself. Trying out many different remedies for many different disorders, I now have and use a huge collection of them. I believe that these will be the future of medicine. "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -- Nikola Tesla

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