Silver is Medicine

Though many people are unaware of it, the metal silver is antimicrobial, meaning it disrupts growth of or kills microorganisms. That includes bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungi. It has been used medically for thousands of years.



As noted in the video, colloidal silver was used as a treatment for infections. Colloidal silver is very small particles of sliver — nanoparticles — suspended in liquid. Colloidal silver is widely available but as with all supplements, effectiveness depends on the various factors that make it useable by the body. 


Some of the factors to consider include the proportion of particles to liquid measured as PPM or parts per million, and the size of the silver particles used which can range from atoms to particles that are 100 NM or larger. Absorption is also a key factor. This article notes that absorption takes place in the mouth and may not even reach the stomach, so there are other ways to take the silver for stomach or intestinal infections. While topical use of colloidal silver is considered safe, oral use is controversial and considered unsafe by some.


There is a safer and more convenient way to get the medicinal benefits of silver.


When developer Eric Thompson released the silent audio and energy apps of Nano-Silver, I jumped on it. It is described as providing “respiratory relief”. I have milk, wheat and pollen (and maybe more) allergies and Nano Silver clears my sinuses and nose even better than my usual homeopathic remedy. Congestion on getting up in the morning is cleared quickly. 


Several of my feline roommates are feral, meaning I can’t touch them. And they often pass so-called “colds” back and forth. Usually these are herpes virus or calici virus but bacteria such as chlamydia and bordetella can also cause respiratory symptoms. I play the Nano Silver audio for all of us now, and there’s much less coughing going on. And their and my immune systems get boosted also. 


The cats are older now, (just like me) and arthritis is a problem for some of the them. Nano Silver is anti-inflammatory and wound healing so it eases the arthritis as well as cuts, scrapes, and inflamed mouth. Current veterinary thought is that cancer arises from repeated inflammation so I’m definitely interested in preventing inflammation. Because the Nano Silver audio addresses all of this without having to be shoved down feline throats, it is my perfect “silver bullet” for the health of all of us. No refill needed. 


Nano Silver broadcasts resonances of colloidal silver, ionic silver, energetic silver and a unique isotope of silver that is particularly effective for eliminating bacteria. You can play the silent audio or use the encoded images on your phone or computer. Decongestion, anti-inflammation, wound healing at the tap of a finger! For you and your animals. It carries a 90-day money back guarantee. 


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