My CBD Was Cut Off but Digital Curcumin Saved my Day

It’s been 20 days now that I’ve been off my cannabis CBD. I was using a CBD oil tincture with a one to one ratio of CBD to THC (it didn’t make me high), as well as a THC topical. I had experimented and learned that some THC was necessary to stop the pain of osteoarthritis in my back. Also, being a cancer survivor, I am interested in cancer prevention and had learned about the work of Dr Allan Frankel at Greenbridge Medical in Santa Monica, California. He prescribed both CBD and THC, as well as their non-psychoactive acid forms, for cancer treatment and prevention. 

I ran out of my CBD the weekend of July 27, 2019 and planned to go into town to the local dispensary the following Wednesday. That turned out to be the day the Province of British Columbia shut down the dispensary I used. Next day, other not-yet-licensed dispensaries in town closed. It is possible to purchase cannabis products online but then there is delivery delay and costs as well as possible theft. Regulations have also mentioned possible seizure. 

A little background here. Canada legalized cannabis in October of 2018. Provinces and municipalities were expected to set up legalization procedures. Dispensaries were operating prior to this as everyone knew legalization was coming. Some were raided, as in the city of Toronto, some were not. A dispensary worker here in Victoria BC mentioned to me that they were being allowed to operate so that people would be able to obtain their medical cannabis. The Province had its own administrative problems which delayed licensing.


Cannabis CBD had changed my life and freed me from much pain. I had tried other things before trying CBD, but none had worked as well as CBD. I had considered curcumin, known for both arthritis relief and cancer prevention, but I was put off by all the different claims about effectiveness. Curcumin has low bioavailability when digested, meaning that the nutrients are not absorbed very well by the body. Numerous products were around claiming better bioavailability through various means. Which, of course, made them more expensive.

Being a fan of Subtle Energy Sciences products, I knew that a new curcumin energy app had just been released. Early user comments indicated it worked well for pain. One user commented that it worked better than the physical substance while another said it didn’t make him sick as did the physical substance. Since it was a download, I could obtain it immediately. 

So I did. As mentioned above, that was 20 days ago. The app sits in the background on my computer (on which I work constantly). It can also be used on a phone. It not only broadcasts curcumin properties but also protects from EMFs. In those 20 days, I have had some twinges and some stiffness, typically when getting up in the morning. But I’ve not experienced the intense back pain causing agonizing sciatica that I had prior to taking CBD.

Two more bonuses with using digital curcumin. 1) The government isn’t going to use some obscure regulation to seize it. Curcumin is legal and in any case, this is an image file, not a substance. 2) I save A LOT of money. Digital curcumin costs $27 US dollars which converts to $34.95 Canadian dollars at today’s rates. Compare that to the cost of my cannabis CBD tincture at $60 plus the cannabis topical at $40 totalling $100 per month (taxes not included and at this time CBD is not covered under the provincial medical plan). That one-time purchase saves me $65.05 this first month, and $100 every following month . Not to mention the 90-day guarantee.

Those who know my passion for collecting and using frequency remedies also know my focus is on physical health. That’s why I am delighted that SES has released several more natural health apps, specifically , , ,and . As an aging baby boomer, the ginkgo especially interests me as it slows macular degeneration. But the one-time cost for these health apps are good news for all those boomers on fixed-incomes as well as thrifty souls of all ages. 

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Working with one of my feral (wild = untouchable) cat rescues with jaw cancer in 2009, I discovered audio frequencies which tremendously eased his pain. That set me on a journey to discover how to use frequencies -- and now subtle energies -- for untouchable animals, pets and myself. Trying out many different remedies for many different disorders, I now have and use a huge collection of them. I believe that these will be the future of medicine. "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -- Nikola Tesla

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