Helping You Breathe During Smoke, Allergies & Illness

The air outside my window is yellow today and the sun is blocked out by all the smoke moving up to British Columbia from the many wildfires now burning in the western USA. Some fire maps focus only on the coast — California, Oregon and Washington State — but Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, and New Mexico are also burning. In August, NASA photographed smoke from California from space. I feel for the people, animals and ecology going through this burning time.

In 2016 BC was highly aware of the tremendous fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. BC had its own fires that year too. But Fort Mac grabbed international headlines and it took more than a year to be sure it was fully extinguished. Folks there are still rebuilding. It was in 2018 that BC declared a state of emergency due to its own wildfires. Canadian Forces, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and firefighters from other provinces and countries were deployed to fight the fires. As usual, I turned to frequencies. I had already purchased Virtual Oxygen Therapy to remedy other health issues and turned to it again to help with the poisonous smoke. 

Virtual Oxygen Therapy oxygenates your body as you absorb frequencies from an audio recording and/or from images on your phone or computer that interact with electronics to broadcast the frequencies. It typically gives me an energy boost. It can also improve your immune system, aid detoxification, enhance cell repair and help with prevention of various disorders including cancer.


But for clearing congestion in nose and sinuses I turn to a different remedy. Nano-silver gives you the frequencies of the metal silver. Bet you didn’t know that silver was used as an antibiotic long before patented medicines took over the field of medicine. Though I try to avoid my known allergen (the protein casein in milk product) I suspect wheat and peanuts may cause me a mild allergy. Whatever the cause, when I wake up snuffling, nano-silver clears me up quickly. Helps my cats too when a virus (commonly feline herpes) flares up or is being passed around. Nano-silver is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system and helps wound healing. Since science has yet to find an answer to the current pandemic, this is one of the first remedies I would use if (heaven forbid) I started having symptoms. 


Like all Subtle Energy Sciences products, both Virtual Oxygen Therapy and Nano-Silver are immediately downloadable and come with a no-questions-asked 90-day money back guarantee. Additional products for your health and well-being may be found here

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