Healing with Holographic Light and Fractals

When I first came across fractals in art some years ago, I immediately fell in love with the beauty of them. What really intrigued me was that this type of art was produced from mathematical formulas.

Turns out, fractals are found all through nature. And understanding the math of their construction allowed that math to be applied to nature.

So when I later came across the fractals of Keith Allen Kay on Facebook, I was even more enchanted because Kay adds movement and sometimes music to his fractal art. He calls his art Quantum Fractal Energy Mandalas.

Kay describes his eclectic background as including studies of religion, quantum physics, healing arts, metaphysics and graphic design. Some of Kay’s fractal mandalas are meant to energize certain intentions or qualities. Others he has personalized  for specific people by using numerology and intuition.

Most recently, Kay has released an app called Holophotonics, described as holographic light. The session begins with the client undergoing frequency analysis of their voice as well as spectral imaging. Using the resulting information about the client’s energy field, one or more fractal holograms are chosen for use. The client may watch the fractal hologram on a screen and/or have it projected onto their body using a small projector.

Listening to his webinar on Holophotonics, I was struck by Kay’s assertion that the process bypasses the mind to create an “immersive” experience for the person’s soul. Now, as noted in the above video, fractals are found in all of nature and could even be called the language of nature. In light of that I visualized a person being able to set their conscious thoughts, words, beliefs aside and commune directly with Nature/Life via the fractals of which they are made.

Kay has not, to my knowledge, mentioned brainwave states or EEG measurements. But it sounds to me as if the Holophotonic experience moves the person out of the beta brainwave state of cognition and words into the theta brainwave state where people commonly experience healing, creativity and spiritual realities. That theory accords with the rapid “shifts” he describes. And those shifts are also similar to the altered consciousness produced by the light and sound combinations of so-called “mind machines”.

Keith Allen Kay has mentioned that this app was developed with healers, energy and body workers in mind but that individuals are also having interesting results. He noted that some people have projected certain fractals to energetically clear a space rather than using incense. Also mentioned was how projecting a fractal on a wall might change the whole energy of a party.

More information on Holophotonics may be found here.


About Mori

Working with one of my feral (wild = untouchable) cat rescues with jaw cancer in 2009, I discovered audio frequencies which tremendously eased his pain. That set me on a journey to discover how to use frequencies -- and now subtle energies -- for untouchable animals, pets and myself. Trying out many different remedies for many different disorders, I now have and use a huge collection of them. I believe that these will be the future of medicine. "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -- Nikola Tesla

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