Have a Subtly Energetic Black Friday Weekend!

It’s been an educational 11 years since I began exploring the healing properties of frequencies. It started when I was searching for additional comfort for my feral (wild) cat with cancer. I learned that there are many types of frequencies which operate differently on the body. Frequencies are basically rhythms, measured in pulses per second called hertz. The body perceives these rhythms through hearing, seeing and touching. To help sort out all this new-to-me information I wrote an ebook. I’ve now acquired quite a collection of frequencies which I play on my mp3 player, my computer and an old iPhone I use as an iPod. I use them for both myself and my cats.

 Most recently I began using products from Subtle Energy Sciences (SES). I was particularly intrigued because SES creates frequency-encoded images as well as audios. The images are called “mandalas” or “energy apps” and you place them on your phone or computer like any other image file. What is different, to start, is that all of these encoded images neutralize EMFs from your electronics, even while they work with the electronics to broadcast frequencies. That is why, whenever I sit down at the computer, I bring up then minimize several images to work on my health as well as neutralize the EMFs. I usually have an SES audio or video playing on silent repeat so I can break away from the computer without it “going to sleep”. In some cases the images are part of a set along with audio and printable PDF. In other cases the images are purchased alone.There are some sets with multiple audios.

My daily energy apps I select based on my own health issues. They include Curcuminoids (for arthritis pain, illness), Ginkgo Biloba (for ageing and eyesight), Elite Shungite (for filtering negativity), Digital C60 (for immune boosting). Typically, on waking or shortly afterward, I end up blowing my nose, coughing, sniffling to get rid of the mucus from allergies and chronic rhinitis. Playing the audio for Nano-Silver (respiratory relief, antimicrobial) considerably shortens the time involved. At times when we are engulfed in drifting wildfire smoke I have also found Virtual Oxygen to help with respiration. In addition, I have used it with cats who have cancer to give a feeling of well-being and possibly also to discourage the cancer, which doesn’t like oxygen. I am doing everything possible to avoid Covid-19 but I would immediately reach for these two audios if I thought I had it. 

But SES products aren’t only about physical health. Eric Thompson, the founder of SES, previously created frequencies for the iAwake meditation program. His spiritual development products include Awaken the Mind which creates a unique brainwave pattern in the listener, and Human Assemblage Point. The latter was mentioned in the teachings of Carlos Castenada and it is said to be the central place where the energy field connects with the physical body, and is directly connected to life force energy. 

These days energy worker, Donna Eden, has discussed her personal experience of the Human Assemblage Point and integrated it into her teaching. Recently, another SES user commented that regular use of it made it easier to deal with all the emotions and information around Covid-19. I began using it more often and found he was right!

There are many SES products for health and well-being that I haven’t touched on. Some can be permanent replacements for supplements which you never have to refill. Eric is constantly creating more products with his proprietary process. He also upgrades existing products and if you already have purchased a product, you get the upgrade free! And of course all products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Gift certificates are available.

But here’s the kicker! From now til November 30 2020 you can get 40% off with the Black Friday coupon code* which is: SESNOW-275. Check out all the products to enhance your well-being!        


*Please note that this coupon may not be combined with other coupons or sales. 


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