Feel Good for the Rest of Your Life!

Would you take it? Feeling Good for the rest of your life? Using YOUR defintion of what feels good to YOU…? Well, it’s available. And YOU can program it the way YOU want. YOU decide: how much anxiety reduction you need, how much you want to relax, how romantic you want to be, whether you need to sleep better, eat less, get motivated…and more.

It all starts in your brain. Now you may know that there are various practices to make yourself feel good such as meditation, positive thinking and affirmations. Practiced long enough, these exercises can develop new neural pathways which basically reprogram your brain. It takes awhile and your mood may sometimes negate any effect. There is a faster way to get your brain to make you feel good. But first you need to know about neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are called chemical messengers because they are molecules that take your brain’s orders to your different kinds of cells.


Turns out some audio frequencies convince the brain to release certain neurotransmitters. For example, let’s take endorphins. Your brain normally manufactures endorphins to kill pain and increase pleasure. Certain audio frequencies will cause the brain to create endorphins  — but not beyond the brain’s own threshold. So these frequencies are both natural and self-regulating unlike various drugs. An audio frequency that causes endorphin release has long been part of my bag of tricks working to spay/neuter feral cats. Scared, captured cats frequently won’t eat. Even when they de-stress, they may still not eat because — as a vet told me — they have to Feel Good before they’ll eat. So when I had this problem, I played an audio frequency that released endorphins and they finally ate. (I play it for myself when I’m feeling grumpy.)

But that’s just endorphins. There are many neurotransmitters but now you can buy and download a set of frequencies to release some of them. That set is called Neuro-Energetics and includes the following audio frequencies: 

Support well-being
Fuel creativity
Supercharge your focus
Support motivation
Create a natural high
Just feel good

Relieve stress
Enhance Mood
Deep relaxation
Runner’s high
Just feel good

Relieve anxiety
Deep relaxation
Improve sleep
Decrease inflammation
Enhance mood
Just feel good

Relieve stress
Social bonding
Romantic attachment
Increase empathy
Relax deeply
Just feel good

Support sleep
Enhance mood
Relieve depression
Curb hunger
Relieve headaches
Just feel good

Here is a video about how two of the above neurotransmitters, namely Dopamine and Oxytocin, make you Feel Good. 

As you may be aware, there are some supplements on the market to help increase your levels of these Feel Good chemicals in your body. If you were to purchase those regularly, that’s a lot of pills and a lot of money. The advantage of the Neuro-Energetics set is that you have each of those Feel Good neurotransmitters for the rest of your life. No refills needed. For convenient use, each of the neurotransmitters comes in three forms: audio, silent energy video, and energy app. You get all of those and the whole set is backed by a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

Just think of it. In spite of daily-life obstacles and depressing global issues, here is a means to keep the positive, loving vibe that leads to solutions for the obstacles and issues. If that sounds like the way you want to spend the rest of your life, hop on over here, purchase, download, then begin the Feel Good vibe of the rest of your life.

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