Experimental Sound Frequency Downloads

Since about 2011, I have been researching and recording sound frequencies as mp3 files for myself and my cats. Lists of sound frequencies reported as effective for various disorders are widely available but not all frequency enthusiasts want to get into the technicalities of tone generators, waveforms and recording.

Recognizing  this, I decided to offer downloads of some sound frequencies that may be helpful with animals, as well as some of the frequencies I use myself. Basically the price is for research and recording and there will be no refunds.

These experimental frequencies are generally considered “Rife” frequencies relating to the work of Royal Rife. Some of them stimulate and heal while others deactivate pathogens. It is important to note that those that deactivate pathogens should be given in small doses to allow the body time to eliminate dead pathogens.

It is also important also to recognize that this data comes from user reports and anecdotes, not scientific studies. Quite possibly, important variables may be unknown. For example, my lymphedema is a result of  pain-caused inactivity. Most lymphedema cases are a result of chemotherapy. Will the frequencies that work for my lymphedema work for chemotherapy-caused lymphedema? I have no idea unless I get feedback on from people with chemotherapy-caused lymphedema.

Following is a list of sound frequencies, not music**, of variable length, available for download, including a collection of frequencies primarily for animals. These sound frequencies are experimental and are not intended to replace veterinary or medical attention.


arsenicum album

calming tone

Canine Parvovirus



dental/infection roots, gums

dental/jawbone infection

ease indigestion

excess fluid reduction

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Feline Leukemia (FeLV)

general inflammation

gingivitis healing support

no appetite

normalize kidney insufficiency

normalize liver

pain relief

repel fleas


stimulate circulation

support wound healing

Frequency Sampler for Animals

**As  noted above, these are tones not music. Some people, like myself find some of them irritating — for me it is the high pitched ones. I also like to play frequencies while I sleep. My solution to both of these problems has been to purchase a silent broadcasting antenna that fits the headphone jack of my mp3 players, available here.