Drug-Free Pain Relief & Healing for Humans & Animals

Electromagnetic waves can be both good and bad for health. Various medical devices for enhancing health use electromagnetic waves. These include X-rays and gamma rays for cancer treatment as well as imaging. Magnetic and radio waves are used in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines.

Harmful electromagnetic radiation is often referred to as electrosmog or electromagnetic pollution. Electrosmog is generated by various electric and electronic devices such as cell phones, microwave ovens and wifi to name a few.

However, another form of electromagnetism is available for pain management in both humans and animals. This is known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It works on our bodies because our bodies also contain electromagnetic fields.


There are a number of PEMF devices on the market and some of them are FDA approved. Some come with mats and accessories at considerable expense. Here we will look at some devices less expensively priced, that could give the user a chance to test the technology without a high investment.

PEMF therapy has been used with horses for some time. According to Doreen Hudson’s article in Holistic Horse the devices generating a weak electromagnetic field appear to work more effectively than those generating a strong field.


This therapy may be used with other animals besides horses. The Assisi Loop is a PEMF device available through veterinarians or by prescription.


When I first viewed the Assisi Loop I realized the benefits described for animals would be gratefully received by humans suffering chronic pain too. Happily, there is a similar, simple PEMF device for humans.


Dr Oz has referred to PEMF therapy as the way to change medicine. As a drug-free, non-invasive method of pain relief that also promotes healing at the source of the problem, PEMF therapy is an excellent alternative to many current pain relief methods.

About Mori

Working with one of my feral (wild = untouchable) cat rescues with jaw cancer in 2009, I discovered audio frequencies which tremendously eased his pain. That set me on a journey to discover how to use frequencies -- and now subtle energies -- for untouchable animals, pets and myself. Trying out many different remedies for many different disorders, I now have and use a huge collection of them. I believe that these will be the future of medicine. "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -- Nikola Tesla

2 Replies to “Drug-Free Pain Relief & Healing for Humans & Animals”

  1. Glad to hear it’s avail for humans too… I just bought one for my cats. But why is it soooo much cheaper for humans????
    I am trying to compare the technology … for pets it’s 299 US or 375 Can forgumans I can get it for less than 40 Can??? Something seems a bit off here.

    • I don’t have a quick answer for you. Possibly the manufacturers could explain. I’m also wondering if perhaps veterinary rules/laws come into play.

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