Coronavirus Remedies

Today the United Nations declared the coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China, to be a global health emergency. This is a sudden emergency, thought to result from eating trafficked wildlife. Its sudden emergence has blindsided Western medicine which has no remedy at the moment although multiple organizations are working to create a vaccine

The history of Western Medicine includes politics and persecution as well as “medicine” that delivers harm  — in spite of the physicians’ ethics of “do no harm”. While many people are aware of some of the harmful effects of pharmaceutical medicine, fewer know that the medical establishment was actually designed to exclude health competition in order to favour pharmaceutical products created by the Rockefeller Foundation in the USA  and the IG Farben cartel in Germany. 

That medical establishment has repeatedly tried to discredit homeopathy which is used by people around the world, including the British Queen and me. As I write this, I am using the audio form (more on that following) of a homeopathic remedy on my cat who underwent intensive dental surgery yesterday. She is jumpy and restless (though eating) and the clinic can only say it is the result of the painkiller injection and will wear off. 

India, at one time under British rule, has used and developed extensive homeopathic protocols and recommends the remedy arsenicum album 30 for treating the coronavirus and “flu-like” illnesses in general. The principles of homeopathic medicine are quite different from Western Medicine so one treats based on symptoms, in this case symptoms like flu symptoms. This particular remedy, in 30ch potency, is available inexpensively from health food stores and some compounding pharmacies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also stepped up to the coronavirus challenge, and recommended various herbs

I have been involved with frequency remedies since I came across “captured” homeopathic sound frequencies from a company on the internet. My further exploration taught me that there are many different types of frequencies that work in different ways  — as I explain in my ebook. One of those frequency types is called Rife Frequencies after Royal Raymond Rife who discovered them. 

 Rife created a microscope more powerful than any other at that time. That enabled him to observe frequencies that destroyed cancer cells. As noted above, Western Medicine sought a health monopoly favouring pharmaceuticals over natural medicine. Morris Fishbein, then head of the American Medical Association, offered to buy out Rife. When Rife refused, he suffered a massive attack of discrediting, and his lab was burned. Others attempting to replicate his work were also persecuted and another lab, involved in that replication, was also burned.

Nevertheless, some people continued with Rife’s work and some of his documentation was reportedly recovered. Today there are various types of “Rife Machines” available. These are frequency generators that transmit frequencies with or without contact devices such as electrodes, and hand cylinders.

One such manufacturer of a Rife Machine is Spooky2, named after Einstein’s remark about “spooky action at a distance”. These days, that is referred to as “quantum entanglement”. Spooky2 has a variety of kits for putting together Rife machines of various strengths. Spooky2 has also created a free series of videos streaming Rife frequencies. These are likely more potent using contact devices but just observing/listening can also be helpful. Spooky2’s frequencies for fighting coronavirus are on Facebook and on the Spooky2 website.



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