BEE Healthy!

No, that title isn’t a typo! Many of the foods made by bees can be beneficial to humans. For example: did you know that honey is medicinal and doesn’t go bad? Because it has little water, is very acidic and also contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, it is not a good place for microbes to set up shop. That’s why honey found in ancient tombs is still edible. 

But honey isn’t the only medicinal product made by bees. The pollen they collect has extreme nutritional value — though if you suffer from hay fever you should try it cautiously. It contains numerous antioxidants, vitamins, micro- and macronutrients. Given all of that, it provides many benefits including inflammation reduction, reversing ageing, helping with weight loss and — for ladies of a certain age — menopausal support.

Bees also make a product to nourish baby Queen bees. It is appropriately called Royal Jelly and its benefits to humans include possibly reducing heart disease, lowering blood sugar, menopausal support and more.

These days bees are in danger of extinction from parasites, pesticides, climate change and other factors. Because they pollinate so many of our food crops, their extinction is a threat to those crops. But there are ways people are helping bees.

Now you can benefit from bee foods without disturbing the bees. Download these energy apps and have  Bee Food Benefits at your fingertips, from your computer or phone. 90-day money-back guarantee!

Download Bee Pollen to

Relieve inflammation
Boost liver health
Strengthen your immune system
Increase energy
Lift mood
Ease symptoms of menopause
Reduce stress
Speed up healing

Download Royal Jelly to

Reduce inflammation
Lower cholesterol
Improve heart health
Improve skin health and repair
Lower blood pressure
Support healthy brain function
Increase longevity
Support your immune system
Reduce cancer treatment side effects
Ease symptoms of menopause


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